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Instructions to Send an Order

To send us an order, make it easier for us to manage orders and facilitate all the subsequent phases, please return us forms M044 and M001  (always) signed and completely filled out (the white parts) in addition to the Administrative Order (Purchase Order), copying the description of the tests as found in our quotation, using one line/cell for each product or lot (when the product or lot will be studied separately) or product or lot pool (when several products or lots will not be studied individually but rather as a pool) and for each test; use a Word processor to ensure legibility.

Additionally, in the case of haemolysis tests, indicate if they must be conducted for direct or indirect contact or both.
The TR Delivery field must include the dates agreed upon for delivery of the Test Reports. The Note field is for information and instructions necessary to conduct the tests (how to prepare extracts; parts to be analyzed and not, pools, etc).
Biochem will include the product description, code, lot number and sterilization in the Test Report based on what you include in form M001.
Biochem is not responsible for inaccurate or missing information or missing information regarding the description of the product composition (ex. colours, variants, etc).
You shall send the items as Free Samples having overall commercial value below 5 Euros as per
proforma invoice
that you shall send to Biochem via mail. WARNING if you will send an invoice instead of proforma you shall pay a 100 € additional fee.
You shall ship the items through your international carrier only as DDP (Delivered Duty Paid) and VAT included. Biochem recommend FedEx or UPS, while TNT should be avoided for custom difficulties.You shall send to Biochem via mail a copy of the AWB letter or equivalent document of shipment in order to trace your shipment.


Customs duties are on customer charge. Biochem will not pay any custom duty. All the samples for which customs duties are not regularly paid from the customer will be send back to the customer within 7 days.

All bank transfer fees and charges must be at your complete account, also that outside your country.


For samples to be tested for Ethylene oxide residue you shall mention the Temperature storage in the shipping documents. The nearest airport is G.Marconi of Bologna.

Biochem address is: see CONTACTS

When filling out form M001, the client is kindly asked to check that, based on our services, the Administrative Order and the M001 form include the same quantity and price. If you have any question, please contact us.

GLP Orders

It's mandatory to download and fill in the form STUDY_REQUEST_Rv 27.07.2021

If you are requesting both GLP and non-GLP tests you shall fill in separately both the forms  Study Request and M001.