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HACCP is an instrument useful for:



• PREVENT ERROR during production rather than commit on control tests on the finished product.

The method is able to adapt to the changes that may arise in the processes, in the development of equipment, technological developments relating to the product.
It can be applied throughout the food chain, from the primary producer to the final consumer.

Biochem offers:

1.    Experience
2.    Capillary organization in place
3.    Customized service
4.    Revision of the Manual
5.    Periodic inspections, control of the compilation of  tabs, control of settings
6.    Qualification of suppliers
7.    Training
8.    Relations with the Local Health
9.    Microbiological controls, laboratory controls
10.    An open window on the certification of ISO 9000 Quality

1. Experience
Biochem already and for several years held the HACCP consultancy for companies of all sizes, both private and public.

2. Capillary organization in place
Biochem is organized to operate in a capillary way as over a vast territory.

3. Customized service
Biochem guarantees as to take account of the situation and the way of working of the client: we do not give consultancy in any copy way.

4. Revision of the Manual
So that the manual is updated to the actual situation of the company and takes account of changes in the organization, such as:
▫    Changes in processes and / or workmanship,
▫    Change of use of the rooms,
▫    Changes in the organization and / or the functions performed by the staff,
▫    Staff turnover.

5. Periodic inspections, control of the compilation of  tabs, control of settings
This service Biochem has the purpose of verifying that the documentation of self-monitoring and consistency with what is reported in the manual, and provide assistance to any possible corrective actions. It also provided a calibration service of the tools used by the company for the critical control points using instruments calibrated and certified.

6. Qualification of suppliers
Biochem provides their professional skills and technologies in the following fields:
▫    Defining the requirements for qualification of suppliers,
▫    Definition of the parameters of acceptability of the goods,
▫    Verification of conformity of the supplies to the specifications of the contract and with respect to health and safety standards.

7. Training
Training is a key point for a correct understanding, application and management of System of Hygienic Security. Biochem can arrange courses for the following purposes:
▫    training of temporary staff,
▫    introduction of new processes,
▫    maintaining an adequate level of awareness of the of hygienic issues.

8. Relations with the Local Health
Biochem dealings with the Local Health Authority, responsible for the verification of the adequacy of the system adopted. Biochem ensure substantial compliance with the Guidelines of the Region Emilia Romagna and dictates of the local health.

9. Microbiological controls, laboratory controls
The System of Hygienic Security in many cases can require plans for periodic microbiological controls, laboratory controls and so on. Biochem can offer this additional service through its own laboratory, dealing with the sampling, analysis, and reporting.

10. An open window on the certification of ISO 9000 Quality
The HACCP system developed with the advice of Biochem make possible to carry out the next steps for the certification of Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9000.