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Biochem works as analytical laboratory in the microbiological sector and in medical devices’ tests.
In the course of time, environmental and ecological analysis, technical consulting and services for cosmetic, pharmaceutical and  food industries have been added to our offer.


Biochem also produces raw materials for biotechnological applications in the fields of  research, healthcare and diagnostic industries.


Biochem achieves SINAL accreditation according to ISO 17025. In subsequent years Biochem maintains accreditation under ACCREDIA (the Italian Authority for the Accreditation) and recognizes the value of working in quality system certified for the quality of its processes and protecting the interests of its customers.


ALA is formed Association of Accredited Laboratories. ALA is still today the most important Association in Italy formed solely by Laboratories, able to protect the real interests of the Members. ALA was founded for the promotion of Accredited Laboratories. The association was formed thanks to the willingness and enthusiasm of a first group of Accredited Laboratories, whose representatives firmly believe in the validity of Accreditation to ISO 17025, and in this context assume that the form of association may help to increase the quality of the tests performed, through actions of proposition and comparison between laboratories, accrediting bodies and public and private institutions. Biochem is a founding member of ALA.


This year has been a time of great change for our company: the new headquarters allows us to work to a high standard pursuing excellence with greater effectiveness. The adoption of new management software will simplify many procedures and improve customer service.
Biochem is constantly engaged in research and develop new services to meet the emerging needs of customers and the market, while maintaining an offer accessible and prompt. Biochem take into account the high degree of professional integrity and moral rectitude in every area of its work, in collaboration with the client, and to achieve greater satisfaction for staff working in Biochem.



Biochem is GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) certified for Biocompatibilty tests