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Biochem aims to meet the growing and increasingly complex needs of customers by offering a professional service and individual care, tailored to the needs of the customer. Biochem has developed over the years a range of services, ranging from assist the customer in the choice of analysis to be performed, to deepen technical and scientific results obtained. This range also covers the food and catering industry for the application of the HACCP system, and the chemical industry for which we offer a plan for REACH consulting.

Assistance in the choice of tests

Our highly qualified and multidisciplinary staff offers on contract Scientific-Technical Support.

Evaluation of the results

The service of evaluation and interpretation is an essential part of the technical files.

Toxicological Evaluations

The toxicological profile is a key factor in the development and production of new medical devices and is a essential part of the technical files.

Clinical Eavluation, Technical dossiers, PIF, Preclinical Trials

Our staff provides answers customized to your needs competent and competence.

Risk Analysis

In the Medical Devices field the Risk Analysis is conducted in accordance with the requirements of ISO 14971 “Medical devices - Application of risk management to medical devices”.


Complete assistance for REACH Testing and REACH Consulting


Biochem offers customized training plans and courses.